Medolla – 10 May 2019. Scientific Reports just published the Rigenerand new technology to culture cells in 3D for pre-clinical studies from gene therapy to immunotherapy. “We are proud to present this novel and breakthrough technology on this prestigious academic Journal” says Massimo Dominici MD, Rigenerand founder and scientific coordinator, “VITVO is contributing to fill gaps between in silico hypothesis/in vitro results and in vivo settings also significantly impacting on the 3R rules”.

Olivia Candini PhD, the first author of the manuscript and head of Cell and Tissue Engineering R&D, underlines that “VITVO is having a relevant impact in 3D-cultures due to novel features that will empower the most advanced research in cancer additionally boosting other approaches in drug developments”.

“Starting from a start-up perspective, Rigenerand is now positioning as leader in the 3D-cultures with published peer-reviewed data that solidly support the proposed technology as tool that allows unprecedented in vitro investigations“ closes Giorgio Mari, Rigenerand CEO.

Further Readings

Candini O, Grisendi G, Foppiani E, Brogli M, Aramini B, Masciale V, Spano C, Petrachi T, Veronesi E, Conte P, Mari G & Dominici M. A Novel 3D In Vitro Platform for Pre-Clinical Investigations in Drug Testing, Gene Therapy, and Immuno-oncology. Sci Rep. 2019; 9:7154.

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