The development of new therapeutic approaches based on manipulated cells represents the new frontier for the treatment of tumors, on the side of conventional pharmacological therapies.

Anti-Cancer Gene Therapies

RR001 is a cell-based product for the treatment of solid tumours, for which therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy did not have a significant effect on patients’ health. The product has been classified by European Medicines Agency (EMA) as gene therapy.

RR001 technology is a medicine product based on autologous human adipose perivascular stromal cells genetically modified to secrete soluble tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (AD-PC sTRAIL).

AD-PC isolated from the patient’s adipose tissue, through a minimally invasive liposuction procedure, are in vitro cultured and engineered to stably produce the anti-tumor molecule TRAIL. Once expanded the AD-PC sTRAIL are reinfused into the patient to generate the therapeutic effect.

  • Cells are isolated from the patient’s adipose tissue
  • Cells are then cultured and expanded ex-vivo, and genetically engineered
  • The therapeutic gene inserted within the stromal progenitors induces the constant release of an anti-tumor protein, which is able to kill tumor cells.
  • Cells containing the therapeutic gene are then administered to the patient as an antitumoral treatment.

The method for the development of the treatment agent is proprietary


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