An Innovative Platform for 3D Cell Cultures

Rigenerand develops and produces biomedical technology to empower cell culture combining the need of high yield with innovative biocompatible materials

The ISOCULT Platform 

Our unique bioreactor platform defined as ISOCULT (Integrated Space Optimized Culture-System) has been developed to support 3D tissue-like cultures
to amplify human cells starting from either cell lines or primary collected cells from patients, including cancer cells and stem cells.

The ISOCULT Technology Provides Three Different Solutions


This DIAGNOSTIC platform is focused to host and amplify cancer cells or primary human cells for cytotoxicity testing. VITVO has been developed for early preclinical prediction of drug efficacy and toxicity in term of enhanced reliability versus animal model and to improve prediction versus 2D miniaturized systems.


The STANDARD platform is designed for ex-vivo cell amplification to encounter the needs of academic laboratories and cell factories (cGMP) to increase cell production with an eye towards automation.


The ISOCULT technology can also host BIO-COMPATIBLE & BIO-RESORBABLE scaffolds for ex-vivo creation of engineered cell-constructs for tissue regeneration and repair.