Lacopa has rights for distribution in Asian markets including Russia

Modena, Italy, March 09, 2021 – Rigenerand SRL, the biotech company that both develops and manufactures medicinal products for cell therapy applications, primarily for regenerative medicine and oncology, today announces the singing of a distribution agreement with Lacopa LLC.
The agreement will enable Lacopa to distribute Rigenerand’s VITVO 3D cell culture technology across the Central Asian regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Rigenerand has developed VITVO as an innovative handheld bioreactor with an integrated scaffold for establishing an in vitro 3D cell culture model. It is expected that Lacopa will encounter most demand from Russian academic research teams as
well as pharma companies in the region.

VITVO’s 3D models will greatly enhance academic and pharma research and pre-clinical programs for cell and gene therapies. Lacopa specialists will actively work with a Rigenerand team to enhance the well-established Rigenerand distribution strategy for VITVO to specifically meet regional needs and requirements, based on an evaluation of regional client expectations in Central Asia.

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