GEN News: 3D Bioreactor Shows Promise for Donor Cell Therapies

A company has developed an iPhone-like bioreactor that may have the potential to aid quality control to validate the efficacy of cell therapies. The flat bioreactor, which has an inner section to hold various cell types, is designed to give a real-time 3D view of the tumor environment.Read more

Rigenerand is proud to announce that PELOBiotech joined the European Sales Network as distributor of VITVO®

PELOBiotech GmbH is proud to announce that with Rigenerand SRL, Italy, we were able to sign up a very innovative partner in the field of 3D Cell Culture models. PELOBiotech will exclusively distribute their bioreactor VITVO® in Belgium, DACH, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and UK/Ireland. VITVO® completes PELOBiotech’s comprehensive portfolio of 3D Cell Culture models and systems. „I am happy to add this innovative and already successful tested 3D system VITVO to our 3D technologies division. 3D models are gaining more and more interest now in every research area, especially in the personalized medicine sector. It will make a huge difference for the European research“, says Dr. Peter Frost, CEO PELOBiotech GmbH, Germany. PELOBiotech is known for its intensive competence and broad portfolio of 3D models, systems & tools. VITVO® is a ready to use, flat and handheld bioreactor, integrating scaffold for the establishment of in vitro 3D cell culture model that can be used for a large number of research applications and pre-clinical investigations. This in vitro 3D cell culture technology offers also a solution for precision medicine approaches. The innovative 3D in-vitro-Model mimics the in-vivo complexity. Cells grow in a 3D manner enabling a real in vitro reconstruction of the tissue structure. Rigenerand has developed VITVO® as an innovative handheld bioreactor with an integrated scaffold for establishing an in vitro 3D cell culture model.  VITVO’s 3D models will greatly enhance academic and pharma research and pre-clinical programs for cell and gene therapies VITVO® is already used for highly predictive pre-clinical testing as it has been specifically created to offer an increase to the market in usability, sizing, closed system, and flexibility for 3D cell culture technologies. VITVO®’s standardized 3D platform includes a contained in closed, transportable device that minimizes contamination. VITVO® will also ensure to offer a technology compliant with 3R principals, assisting to  reduce the animal use in pre-clinical testing and for dose finding studies. Rigenerand developed and tested VITVO® for pre-clinical development for the treatment of solid tumors. If you like to know more about Rigenerand SRL Rigenerand is a biotech company that both develops and manufactures medicinal products for cell therapy applications, primarily for regenerative medicine and oncology and 3D bioreactors as alternative to animal testing for pre-clinical investigations. It is very active in the GMP manufacturing of cell and gene therapies for cancer treatment.  division developing 3D technologies for cell culture, developing and manufacturing 3D solutions for R&D diagnostics and pre-clinical purposes (VITVO®). Rigenerand is located in Medolla, Modena, Italy, with its offices, R&D and quality control laboratories and a cell factory with sterile cleanroom with BSL2/BSL3 suites for cell and gene therapies manufacturing. It combines leaders and academics from biopharma and medical device manufacturing sectors. See more